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I’d met her in a bar less than two hours earlier and decided to rent a hotel room as a way of making good use of my wife’s savings. Just before I met her I was in a state of pathetic disgust thinking of my wife, who only knows to cook the whole day long, argue or tidy up the house, as if anything could still be untidy after all that tidying up. Additionally, I was cursing the misfortune of being father to a moron of a child who feels sick several times a day and pukes all over my feet on a regular basis, as if the toilet could only be used for other purposes...

Intrarea soarelui
Nascut in URSS
 Victimele inocente si colaterale ale unui singeros razboi cu Rusia
Un singur cer deasupra lor
Sint o baba comunista!
Inaintea despartirii. Convorbire cu Saul Bellow
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